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As a family, we are ready to have a pet in our house. But should we buy one? We thoroughly thought about it and we came with the conclusion that it’s ok if you afford it to buy a pet (under some serious circumstances though) but we preferred to adopt and here are the main reasons why.

  • If you buy a pet, you have to consider that you will spend money and by saying money usually, I mean 300 euros or more. It depends on the breed. But if you adopt a pet the costs are much less or even you may get the pet for free. (Some shelters provide for free the vet and the grooming).
  • If you choose to adopt a mixed breed then as they say because of the principle of ‘the hybrids’ is likely to be smarter, live longer and cost even less in vet bills than a pure breed. You should know that lots of pure breeds develop several health issues as is breathing problems, enlarged heart or hip dysplasia.
  • By adopting a pet you save a life. Be supportive of the homeless pets, provide for them a loving home and let them flourish. Their love and loyalty will indemnify you.
  • I know that puppies and kittens are cute but an older pet that is already trained may better fit for you and your lifestyle. So don’t hesitate to choose a pet of any age if this is the best thing to do.
  • Pets can help you psychologically, emotionally and physically. A sense of purpose in life and fulfillment can lessen the depression and the loneliness. Take care of someone else can trigger you to start taking care of yourself. If you feel that somebody needs you to get food and water and generally to survive you will be triggered step by step to get up and start living.
  • Pets calm down child aggression, create a sense of safety and they can become their best friend specifically in the cases of an only child. Pets can help children to socialize and teach them about responsibilities. Of course with the help of adults or an older sibling.
Choose to adopt, help them to BE

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