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Depression is a sneaky monster that can take over you and affect your life. People that have been diagnosed with depression are feeling helpless and alone even among people, friend, and family. If you undergoing this, you need to understand and always know that you are not alone! You are not helpless. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Except for medication treatment, that the doctor subscribes to the patient, there are some other ways, that you can fight this melancholy.

  1. Change your way of thinking

My dear friend, don’t repeat yourself pessimistic phrases like nothing is going right, nobody cares, I will never be loved, I hate my appearance and nothing I try works out for me, etc.

You have to think life in a positive way and don’t let anything or anyone pull you down. Think of beautiful memories, think something that makes you happy and optimist. Repeat that memory whenever you feel down and melancholic.

2. Set goals and find meaning in your life

When you are melancholic you might feel that you cannot take life in your own hands. Try small. Set easy and clear goals at first to accomplish and when you conquer them try bigger. Discover what you want from your life and try to reach your goal even if that means lifestyle changes. People are striving to find meaning in their life and this is not a negative thing to do. Searching means keep doing. You stop being a bystander and view your own life in distant. Stick to your plans. Find the meaning, set a goal and keep trying to reach them. When you succeed then start from the beginning and never stop setting new goals throughout your life.

3. Exercise and eat healthy

A healthy diet is a must-do. People facing melancholy or depression tend to lose or gain weight. Remember that healthy nutrition feeds your body, giving you all the necessary substances and intrigues your ‘happy hormones’. Same goes with exercise. Believe me, I know from first hand that free time or time for yourself and only is something rare nowadays, but nothing is impossible. Find what kind of exercise is for you. Find out what would you like to do and just do it. You can jog, swim, walk, train in martial arts, dance, etc. or even more, you can choose to do more than one.

4. Reduce stress and avoid toxic people.

Try to reduce stress at home and work by undertaking fewer tasks. Leave back some chores today, they can wait. Even better ask for help from your family, friends or colleagues. But most important, keep a distance from toxic people and people that bring you down. Rather you must try to be surrounded with people who lift you up and make you happy.

5. Get enough sleep

Although melancholy, depression can make it difficult to rest and get good sleep, when you don’t sleep enough then depression and negative thought are getting worse. Try to keep a regular sleep schedule.